Our Company


Alexander Dimitriou and Sons Ltd was founded in 1922 by Alexander Dimitriou, an entrepreneur with foresight into the future of the agricultural needs of the nation. The company started an import and distribution network covering various machinery geared for the agricultural community. The company’s boost came when it started to import and distribute windmills with the brand name “Aeromotor” from Canada. The windmills became the main source of income for the company and many of these can be found today, some in perfect working condition, in the Paralimni area of Cyprus. All windmills still standing have the distinctive markings “Aeromotor” and the founder’s name “Alexander Dimitriou” embossed on the tail of the windmills. This successful foray into windmills established the company in the eyes of the farming community and in a very short time, the company supplemented its product line to include a wide range of agricultural machinery. 

In 1933, Alexander Dimitriou’s two sons, Kyriakos and Demetrakis joined the company who further built on the company’s success by expanding operations into agricultural tractors with the then internationally acclaimed brand “Massey Harris” and by diverting operations into manufacturing by establishing the first automated brick factory on the island. 

The company continued to enlarge its product range until 1953 when the Massey Harris company of Canada merged with Harry Fergusson, another pioneer in agricultural tractors based in Scotland. On 28 February 1957, on the birthday of Kyriakos Dimitriou’s first daughter, the two merged companies appointed Alexander Dimitriou and Sons Ltd as the sole distributor of the then renamed and revamped Massey Ferguson brand. This milestone in the company’s history gave the company the financial strength to further expand its operations into the industrial and construction market on the island and today the company has an established clientele and is one of the best known companies on the island drawing respect from all sectors of the market.